about TPF

In 2016, el producto newsletter started without a clear objective, other than to force me stay up to date with Tech and Product trends, and to help distilling such content for likeminded folks

6 years later, el producto has matured and evolved, and despite still being quite generalist, its 1000+ strong weekly readers have pushed it towards more expert, refined and “senior” content

As opposed to most Product Management newsletters, el producto jumps ahead of the basics of the role, and focuses on the skills, trends and products shaping the future of our industry

That is why, in line with the current and future direction of the newsletter, I have decided to expand it, reflecting my commitment to help you discover what’s next. Welcome to The product future

what can I expect in TPF

A weekly newsletter focused on:

  • Investments in tech (fundraising, mergers and acquisitions)
  • Updates on relevant new products and features (mostly big tech and of general interest for Product Managers)
  • Good reads around new technologies and trends, and Product Management best practices

Access to Product Management coaching and mentoring

  • Support and advice to folks trying to break into product
  • Coaching to Mid-Senior level PMs looking to get to their next level

what makes it different from other newsletters?

  • extensive curation of good reads from around the web. Believe me. I read +50 newsletters every week so you don’t have to go through the noise
  • 3-4 line snippets with news summaries, so you only need to click if you want to deep-dive
  • from a Product Manager to a Product Manager (or engineer, or designer, or investor). I know the struggle, the fun and the love for our craft, and hopefully what you will find here will resonate

how do I join?

Glad you asked!