behind the product future

My name is Angel Jaime and I am currently based in Los Angeles 🙋‍♂️

I’m a full-time learner, life experimenter, global traveller, and happen to work on Product Management

During my Product journey, I have had the chance to lead Product teams at top tech orgs like, Just Eat and Revolut, and startups like Yayzy

Outside of my Product life, I’m an amateur triathlete, and an even more amateur surfer

stuff that I enjoy and keeps me busy

Product Management coaching and mentoring: Plato.hq

Investing in purpose-driven startups for things I care about (and you should too): sustainability, education, diversity, gender equality, financial accessibility, crypto, blockchain, new technologies

Teaching Product Management:

Product strategy consulting

my experience

Chief Product Officer @Yayzy (2021-current)
Building revolutionary technology to calculate carbon footprint using payment data, so individuals for the first time ever can connect their spending to its impact on the planet in real time

Product Manager instructor & mentor @Product School, @Plato.hq
Mentoring the next generation of Product Leaders

Angel Investor @Angel Academe, others
Portfolio including VanMoof (e-bikes), Cypher Coders (ed-tech), and participation in multiple early stage startups on Fintech, Blockchain, Greentech, Meat successors, & more

Senior Product Owner @Revolut
Rewards, Referrals and Business Plans

Senior Product Manager @Just Eat Takeaway
Search experience

Product Manager
Messaging, B2B Apps, New Product Development (Transportation)